3 Reasons Why I’m Supporting Trump

This year’s presidential election seems, like others in the past, almost unreal. Personally, I cannot understand how intelligent, logical people could actually support a criminal or an
avowed Socialist to hold the position of leader of the Free World. It seems to me that people are deliberately idiotic, blithely forgetting that none of our liberties are possible without the capitalist society ordained during our country’s formation.

Our country is NOT a democracy.

If you look at the real Webster’s definition of democracy from even twenty years ago, you’ll see that it only means majority rule. Majority rule is mob rule, which is unprincipled, highly volatile, and totally lacking in sound judgement.

The United States of America is a representative republic whose officials are elected democratically.

To understand this important difference, consider the state of our union before and after
the War Between the States. A large majority of the Southern population fought to hinder
the rights of free men. Right thinking Christians throughout the nation had championed the abolition of slavery in this country, and were effective because their cause was just and righteous. However, it was our capitalist society that brought about important social change that wouldn’t have existed otherwise.

Their skills, intelligence and determination allowed men like Samuel Wilcox, Booker T. Washington, and Frank McWorter to earn the money to positively impact not only their lives, but the lives of others. And, this is simply one small example of how our liberties are intertwined with free market choice.

However, liberal progressives today seem to believe that we will be better off if our purchasing power and capacity of free choice is removed, especially concerning healthcare, firearm ownership, and other fundamental aspects of life.

The upcoming election is crucial for our country.

And although not my first choice, Donald Trump has made a successful bid for the
Republican Party nomination. With at least one Supreme Court justice vacancy and
possibly more, however you feel about the man himself, you must ask yourself how much
damage Bernie Sanders or a person under investigation by the FBI can do.

My reasons for supporting Donald Trump:

He’s a Capitalist to the Core

Donald Trump has always landed on his feet and he understands the core principles of
capitalism. I feel like that the decisions he makes while in office will be based on that core,
not some la-la-goofball, no-basis-in-reality idealism that only sounds pretty but doesn’t work, and promises free stuff for being a lazy slob.

Hard work and honest effort develops virtue and helps you appreciate what you’ve earned.
The satisfaction that comes from doing a job well and being successful shouldn’t be
belittled, mocked or ridiculed. It should be championed, and I believe that Donald Trump will defend that principle.


Yes. The media, the republican establishment, and of course liberal slanderers all hate this
man. They have spent their energies doing whatever they possibly can to sabotage his
every move. We are told that he is a racist, despite having never proven this fact. (Illegal
immigrant is NOT a race, and neither is Muslim; the former is a criminal, and the latter is a

I’m supporting Donald Trump because the people who have chartered our country towards
the brink of ruin, who intentionally cause dissension between brothers, and who think of nothing but their own political clout do not support him.

Sometimes, you know who your friends are because of their enemies.

Justice Nominee

We simply can’t afford to have our right to keep and bear arms limited in any way. Not just
as a means of personal protection from violence and wickedness, we must ensure that an
over-reaching, out-of-control government won’t have the ability to do to the U.S. what was done in Germany during the 1930’s.

And, if you think that’s not where we’ve been headed as a nation… please read, learn, and educate yourself.

So, there you have it. While Trump wasn’t my first choice for presidential candidate, at this point, he’s now the only logical choice for freedom.


10 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I’m Supporting Trump

  1. Freeda, I will stick my neck out further the next time a liberal or progressive comes on with a comment. Thank you.

    BTW, for some odd reason I can’t put likes on your comments. I’m having so much trouble with WordPress.

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