This is the Democrat Party…FILTH…

Look at these people and understand that if you vote Democrat…this is you! It’s past time to purge this nation of these violent, ignorant, hate-filled racists. They must be removed from government, academia, media, and all positions of power and influence. If the pinnacle of your ideological philosophy is screaming nonsensical slogans and attacking decent people, you really have nothing to add to the nation, society, or human kind.

Democrats and Illegals Aliens Attack American Citizens at Trump Event


Nice…commenters on the left say she deserved it

More “Progressive Tolerance”

Leftist jerk editor at Vox supports this disgusting behavior.

Which Type of Person are You?

Alright, now you know what Democrats look like; violent, racist, stupid, and traitorous. Now have a look at Americans, and PICK A SIDE!

Frank N. Blunt

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