Wife of Orlando Terrorist Knew Attack Was Imminent

ABC news is reporting that the wife of Omar Mateen, Noor Salman, knew of her husband’s intent to attack the Pulse nightclub. Prior to the recent massacre, she had driven him to the location.

Again, this shows that despite common decency, at least one member of the Muslim community–without the slightest compunction–did nothing to stop the murder of innocent Americans.

The problem is NOT guns.

The problem is villainous, blinded, agents of evil who thrive on gun free zones. The “enlightened” individuals who think that limiting gun rights is the way to stop such atrocities are children who have absolutely no conception of reality.

Now more than ever, we must halt the deliberate “action of limiting or undermining”our 2nd Amendment right to own and carry a firearm. Of any kind.

Watch the report.


8 thoughts on “Wife of Orlando Terrorist Knew Attack Was Imminent

  1. I agree with your point that the problem is with people themselves. We should try to change people’s perceptions and push for acceptance and equality regardless of gender, race, religion or sexuality. However you mentioned his wife did nothing to stop the attack, and you quite ignorantly made this one woman a symbol of the Muslim community. Families and close friends are much likely to have similar views which suggests he and his wife shared the same radical views. His wife does not represent the Muslim community because she is a biased symbol. You also mentioned that guns are not the issue, but they are. Here in London, England guns are illegal and there is still the same amount of tension between communities and religions. Yet the UK has significantly less gun related crimes. With all other factors maintained, it points to gun control as the main issue for these atrocities. As a Muslim, I do not feel that his wife represents me. I am not homophobic and I support equality for everyone. The only way we can all stop horrible events like this is to change people’s very mindsets, because only love will overcome hate.


    1. Firstly, thank you, hananjx, for reading and responding to my opinion post. Both Frank and I welcome rational discussion and verifiable argument, and I appreciate your comments.

      Respectfully however, I must say that I disagree with many of your statements, and some are just plainly inaccurate.

      Nothing I said “made” Mateen’s wife a “symbol of the Muslim community;” I simply stated a fact. If you choose to view her as such, that is your prerogative. However, she is not a “symbol,” she is a person. An educated person, who through her silence, I believe, is partially culpable for this terrible atrocity. And apparently, others agree.

      Moreover, I can’t say that I agree with the statement concerning what “we” should do. Propaganda experts throughout the centuries have tried to “change people’s perspectives” to various agendas. Regardless of the “aim” it stills basically means one group of individuals imposing their will on, and dictating the beliefs of others. In my opinion, that type of oppression is wrong. Sure, it sounds noble… all utopian ideas do; they just don’t work. Love cannot be taught, it must be demonstrated, one person and one individual act at a time.

      Finally, regarding your comments about guns… logic would dictate that since “guns are illegal” in the UK, and there is “significantly less gun related crime,” that the prevailing atmosphere would be one of safety and peace. However, it isn’t. Homicide rates in London THIS year, are up 125% from the same time last year, and there were over 2200 additional crimes of “violence against the person” in London during the same four month period last year (http://www.met.police.uk/crimefigures/).

      You see, when you look at actual violent crime statistics, you understand what John R. Lott Jr. is talking about.

      Please watch this short video to educate yourself concerning per capita homicide rates by country. Although the data is a bit dated (this was created in 2012), the facts concerning murder rates speak for themselves.

      You may also want to learn about some of the great men and women who have orchestrated United States history, our constitution, and our ideals before you arbitrarily judge our nation’s laws or its liberties.

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      1. Thank you for your reply. I understand that you didn’t directly say that his wife was a symbol of the Muslim community, but I feel that this is what was implied. If she did have prior knowledge then they are both truly and solely responsible. Your very point about there not being an atmosphere of safety and peace is a control factor. Ho


      2. Sorry, my reply was sent incomplete. Following on…even though crime rate may have increased, gun crime hasn’t. The worst that can be done in London is probably a stabbing which mostly doesn’t cause death. Guns on the other hand do. I don’t speak ignorantly, and I have actually learned all about the US’s history. I understand your protection of your constitution and amendments but I feel that you are trying to ignore the main issue which is the second amendment.


        1. Thank you. I honestly try to be explicit.

          And again, although I appreciate your opinions, you are wrong. I have to ask if you even bothered to look at the links. Although incidents with guns did fall by a whopping total of four (from 1652 to 1658) over the last 12 months, the Metropolitan Police Force’s OWN stats show an increase in “gun crime” in almost every district (you can roll over each area).

          I also have to disagree with a logic that thinks being raped, stabbed, or otherwise assaulted and maimed is somehow better than being shot. When preventing that type of violent action upon your person (or those you love) is easily accomplished with firearms (and proper training).

          However, back to the 2nd Amendment… infringement of any kind only perpetuates state dependence and a slave mentality that I reject. Great discussion!


  2. Stats are all well and good but I think that personal experience outweighs this. You’re trying to sugar coat the issue of gun control. It’s not often that I hear of gun related crime in the UK and when I do, it is rare. Compared to the US, gun related crime is so common we’ve almost become used to it. A study in 2014 showed that the rate of firearm related death in the US was 10.54 per 100,000 population, compared to the UK which was 0.25. If you want facts then I will give you facts. Being stabbed and being left with injuries is better than being shot and killed, anyone can see that. I think we should agree to disagree! I appreciate the time you’ve taken to engage in this discussion. Many thanks!


    1. Ahhhh, the lovely influence of media propaganda. Again, please watch the Bill Whittle video, it explains those skewed per capita rates. Either way, I’ve enjoyed our “disagreement” today. 🙂 Many blessings! -Freeda


  3. I will not “sugar coat” the 2nd Amendment. It is non-negotiable. It does not give U.S. citizens the right to keep and bear arms, it merely affirms that we have a God given right to do so, and keeps the government out of it. Gays, Republicans, firearms, Christians, ammunition, biases, and the Pulse night club existed in Orlando for years without a problem, until a Muslim murderer was introduced into the mix. If the terrorist had not been here, 49 human beings would still be alive today, and 51 more would not be facing rehabilitation and surgeries. (Better than being stabbed would be to shoot the assailant trying to stab you, go home, clean your firearm and eat supper. Better yet would be to keep psycho stabby people out of our country!)


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