Department of Homeland Security Exposes Records Purge

In an interview Monday with Sean Hannity, former DHS official and co-author of the book See Something, Say Nothing, Philip Haney, exposed the records purge issued by the current administration in both 2009 and 2012.

My Take: How many more innocent Americans need to be sacrificed before widespread recognition of the deliberate infiltration of radical Islamic believers and the Mosques who fan the hatred are held responsible? I am utterly sick of the PC fear of giving offense to non-violent adherents to that faith.

I’m a Christian, but I most assuredly DO NOT support the radical groups connected with my faith. I don’t attend their gatherings, give them money, or in any way associate with them. If you don’t want your religion to be hijacked by monsters, don’t look the other way when your children are taught to view others as infidels or less than human because of their beliefs!


Watch the interview below


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