Yet Another Terror Attack by Muslims; Hillary and President Obama’s Solution is to Bring in more Muslims and Disarm You!


Liberals Just Don’t Get It

Before the final body count from the Orlando attack was in, both President Obama and candidate Hillary made it clear to the citizens of the United States that they would not in any way slow down the influx of military aged  muslim extremists who hate us “refugees,” nor would they slow down their assaults on the rights of Americans. Both ideologues, and their surrogates twisted themselves and the truth to try and blame Jesus, the N.R.A., masculinity, the G.O.P., and almost everything else other than the obvious culprit…radical “religion o’ peace” adherent and registered democrat Omar Mateen. Maybe if we embraced trannies in the girls room, or maybe if we stopped global warming/ cooling, or if Republicans weren’t so darn mean…If only no-one had firearms…

There Were Lots of Firearms Loaded in the U.S.A. early Sunday Morning, But Only Two Were Used to Murder People in Orlando

Last I heard we had something like 306,000,000 firearms in private hands in the good old U.S.A., and that’s just the ones they know about. Yet only 2 were used to carry out a terrorist attack (which was dedicated to isis). It’s interesting to note that the murdering scum was a democrat also…because that’s the norm. Every mass shooting in the last 20 years was carried out by a tolerant, enlightened liberal, with the exception of maybe two. All but one or two of those also occurred in a “gun free zone”. Hillary would love to see the entire nation as a “gun free zone.”

Firearms are not the problem. We will not give up one right to save one life or hundreds…this nation and its people have given many, many lives to ensure and preserve those rights.

Actually, if only a muslim terrorist murderer had not been there…it would have been just another night at the Pulse.

The Truth

I feel the mess in the middle east is a direct result of Obama and Hillary’s inept policies. Apparently, removing stable authoritarians who kept the peace and hobbling our military was a bad idea. We should take some refugees from the area…just Christians, who are being raped to death, crucified, burned alive, beheaded…well the list of nifty ways that the “religion o’ peace” uses to not “co-exist” goes on and on. Perhaps we could also find a way to keep firearms out of the hands of leftists.

Frank N. Blunt

One thought on “Yet Another Terror Attack by Muslims; Hillary and President Obama’s Solution is to Bring in more Muslims and Disarm You!

  1. Take all the guns and the world becomes a gun free zone. Just like all the mass murders from Paris to San Bernardino to Orlando.
    An assailant with a knife killed two employees of a police department in Paris because they aren’t allowed to carry guns off duty. No permit needed for the knife. Just open the kitchen drawer. A knife is more concealable and more easily assessable.
    But even if we ban knives and guns, they will use rocks. Then what? Ban rocks


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