GOD Bless the U.S.A. Have a Great July 4th…and Be Very Careful.

As I was coming home today, I heard of the latest islamic act of worship; attacking people who were eating out in a restaurant. Please be aware that any time you are in a group, any time that you might let your guard down and thankfully enjoy your freedom, any time that children laugh, play, or are awed by a parade, celebration, beach, or worship service…is when you are a target of democrats, and now (thanks to their incredible hate and stupidity) muslim murderers. I am sick of this. WAY too much of society has it’s head down staring at facebook, while islam approaches with a sword to separate it from their body. During every sick attack I pray for the victims, pray for justice, secure my household as much as I can, etc. and I think “O.K.this has to be it! Surely NOW we will stop all islamic infiltration, close their mosques, and turn the perps and their world to a sea of glass!”. But no…too many go back to sending and viewing stupid duck-face selfies, while someone, somewhere is still mopping up the blood. The blood of humans, Americans, Christians and Jews and more…the same blood as yours and mine. Please be careful this 4th. Please be armed and prepared to defend yourself, and yours. Please vote against democrats, because let me make this real clear…if there was NO progressive/ liberal/ democrat/ commies in academia, government, or any position of authority or influence…THIS CRAP WOULD NOT BE OCCURRING IN THE U.S.A.

Frank N. Blunt

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