Some Will not Stop to be Attacked by BLM and Other Democrats…

Protesters Have NO Right to Block Traffic, Block Commerce, or Damage ANYTHING!!! Some People are Getting Fed Up with this Nonsense…

Every state should pass laws that:

  1. Protect drivers. If a group of thugs/ “protesters”/ hippies are blocking the streets, citizens should be allowed to drive over/ through them and face no charges.
  2. Anyone who does so should have any damage to their vehicle repaired immediately, or the vehicle should be replaced. The government should have to pay for this, as they should have prevented these attacks and blockages.
  3. All damages should then be collected by the government from the “protesters,” their groups, and their surviving family members.

If your life matters, perhaps you should stay out of the road and quit attacking people and property

From an Anti-Trump Protest…

I love this one because of the shrieking and tears from the idiot progressives who cannot believe that they don’t have a right to stop people they don’t like, destroy their property, and kill and eat them…

More BLM Protesters Learn that Some Don’t Care About Their Made-up Hate Movement…Built on Lies…

Feature Photo Via: BFH/ IOTW

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