Liberal Indoctrination Instead of Education…

And we Allow Them to Vote…

The goal of many modern colleges and universities is NOT to educate. It is to dumb down the electorate and indoctrinate them into the “progressive” ideology. This is a major problem that must be addressed. First off…liberals are mind numbingly stupid. They angrily cling to a belief system that has been discredited, and that has FAILED every time it’s been tried. Liberals/ progressives/ dimocrats suck at everything; the economy, defense, social issues, education, the environment, etc. Second, the youth of our nation is being brainwashed into hating and rejecting the “Christo-Capitolist-Patriarchal-Cis-sexual-Hegemony”…or, as we know it…civilization, you know, with electricity, medicine, toilet paper, running water, automobiles, etc.

It’s by Design…

The atrocious habit of dimocrats murdering their own children, then taxing you to brainwash your children to hate you (and the U.S.A., GOD, the military, etc.), is simply the left following the commie/ socialist playbook. It is not an accident

Behold…the “Educated”…



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