The Law and Order Candidate

After viewing Mr. Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention last night, for the first time in a long time, I felt hope for our nation and for our children. Indeed, I was delighted.

This brassy, Yankee-fied salesman walked up to the podium and did what he does best. It was, in fact, exactly what he’s been doing for the past few months—delivering heart-felt, logical truths that resonate with the silent majority of U.S. voters. That is, those of us who are completely fed up and sickened by the utter neglect, deliberate division, and nefarious actions that characterize the liberal agenda and practices of the current administration.

Truly, in the best speech I’ve seen him deliver so far, Donald Trump clearly outlined why he IS the “law and order candidate,” using plain, unvarnished truth. And, I believe that therein lies his phenomenal success.

Removing the Stain

As a citizen, I have become grossly disgusted with do-nothing politicians who kowtow to evil and embrace methodologies predominantly designed to undermine liberty. I am revolted by those individuals who work to introduce violence into our society through foreign invaders, race baiting, class warfare, and a comprehensive immersion of socialist policy using public educational indoctrination.

Donald Trump is a grown-up. He understands responsibility, and unlike his opponent who has diabolical goals, works to solve difficulties from a fundamental idea of victory and freedom.

Because of his “outside” status as a wealthy popular figure, he’s hasn’t been subjected, forced, lured, or blinded by powers in heavenly realms. Although his basic assertion that he will “enforce” the rule of law may be presented as dictatorial by the robotic media, ultimately, it’s revolutionary because of the total lack of protection over the past eight years.

I am constantly bewildered by the ease and rapidity that liberals label others, inaccurately, for the hate-filled, intolerant, destructive ideology that they themselves are guilty of. But, I’ve even more disconcerted with the general acceptance of their pronouncements. The people who support liberal, progressive policies only do so because they need to feel superior to others. Their egotism is in such prime order that they’re able to disregard reality to embrace a concept that somehow makes them above anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the rhetoric. And, the mass media supports this type of bigotry.

Righting Injustice

If Trump will do what he’s promised…

  • Build a wall
  • Restrict Islamic infiltration (“We don’t want them”)
  • Repeal obamacare (although, personally, I don’t want to see it “replaced”)
  • Strengthen and rebuild the military
  • Provide for our veterans
  • Appoint Supreme Court justices who understand the constitution and interpret it rightly
  • And, offer “the greatest compassion for our struggling citizens”

… the propaganda juggernaut that has developed and spread malignant, impassioned ignorance throughout our nation can be constrained, and (God willing) eventually annihilated.

Pray for the Donald. He will be facing unknown powers over the next few months. Incited by vicious, unwarranted, and unfounded attacks, evil will look to destroy the best opportunity our country has (or has had in well over 30 years) to return to morality, peace, and the rule of law.

Dear Jesus, let our country be free of tyranny once again, and please protect our Republican nominee.


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