Weekly Impressions by Freeda- 7/16-22

Since I can’t always post as often as I’d like (I’m a mom), I decided to at least comment on some of the impressions I’ve had this week, particularly concerning the latest news, Frank’s recent posts, and the Republican National Convention, now that our nominee is official.

First, let me say that for years I’ve prayed that “progressive”-minded politicians would accidentally or deliberately be compelled to voice the thoughts within their hearts, and also that people everywhere would open their understanding, having ears to hear. However, considering that some people appear to still support a certain criminal, and do their utmost to belittle and abuse anyone related to, or supportive of Donald Trump, it seems that not everyone is listening, just yet.

A few impressions of the RNC:

The speeches at the convention this week were fabulous. I can almost hear the scurrying, shrieking, and the general horror that must have struck the hearts of radical idiots around our nation, including the propaganda media. Rudy Giuliani slammed it, and the crowning event was rousing good fun.

I truly wanted to smack Chris Matthew’s fat face after his deliberate, belittling comments. He knows darn good and well that the timeline of Benghazi was months of calculated villainy and neglect by Hillary Clinton, and to speak as he did about this grieving parent is atrocious. Disgusting example of the hateful intolerance of the left.

Some additional thoughts about recent posts:


Concerning the videos of Mr. Elbert Guillory, what can I say? This wonderful elder lays out basic truths, compellingly. I really wish I knew this gentleman, and hope that he will continue to serve our country through his right-thinking commentaries. Anyone who doesn’t have a deep respect for this man does not deserve the benefits he has fought to ensure. God bless you, sir.


This is scary, but wretchedly true. Students of true history recognize the same tactics that were effectively utilized by the National Socialist Workers Party in Germany during the 1930’s. Teachers had to be vetted, and the curriculum underwent subtle changes that had been proven effective by the Frankfurt School for orchestrating social revolution.

Social Indoctrination:

As for the president’s comments, I consider his statements abhorrent, and perceive his narrative as inflammatory, a deliberate attempt to instigate more vicious acts of villainy. Despicable.

With evil, crazy-old-lady, the astonishing fact is that these vile utterances are truly her core beliefs, and indicate her vast emptiness. She wants women to kill their children, and heap guilt upon themselves. Her fervent dedication to personal gain, combined with an ancient desire to ascend worldly heights makes her demonstrably dangerous to anyone within her immediate sphere or under her authority. She cares not for the sanctity of life, whether it is unborn, or people whose existence may be politically expedient to remove.

Entirely self-serving, she is also absorbed with the desire to embroil as many blinded, ignorant idealists as she can, using her illogical, martial rhetoric. Is it possible that any thinking person can believe that she won’t commit even greater atrocities as our Commander in Chief?

She must not be allowed to abolish our liberties, weaken our morality, or institute a reign of terror possibly worse than any other deluded dictator in world history.

The comprehensive school reform program, common core, and other elusive, unrelenting disparagement of anything morally right has generated a millennial culture of uneducated idiots, who actually believe that they are enlightened. Sad.



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