Democrat Convention: They Love to Murder Police Officers and Babies, and They Want to Murder America…

These are NOT Americans…

The dems had no American flags until tonight, after they were shamed into placing some on the stage. No, only commie and muslim flags for these folks. Progressives thought it would be best to feature illegals and thug mommies, some of whose gang tattooed sons were killed while attacking police officers and civilians because of their hate filled racism. How can the Party of Darkness and Stupidity follow up on their display of utter contempt for all that is good? By applauding this lady for killing her child, because she wasn’t “ready to be a mom”…(Who is?)…

A Snippet of YouTube Comments…

Screenshot: youtube
Screenshot: youtube

Screenshot: youtube

This Fine Mommie is from Texas, Here are Some Democrats in Texas Harassing Christians, Protesting in Support of Infanticide, and calling on Their Leader…

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