False!!! — Freedom Is Just Another Word…

via False!!! — Freedom Is Just Another Word…

2 thoughts on “False!!! — Freedom Is Just Another Word…

  1. Ah yes, memes, the enemy of wisdom. Obviously it is BOTH bodies, not just the potential baby’s. Women do die from complications during pregnancy, more often than from abortion procedures. Neither pregnancy OR abortion are risk-free for women.


    1. And starting a comment with “Ah yes” as you sneeringly look down your invisible nose, clearly displays your advanced wisdom. Yes, childbirth is a risk, but not as much as having an abortion. Abortion by it’s nature is secretive and hardly regulated. More women may die from childbirth…in third world countries, but more women also have their babies, rather than pay a butcher to dismember it while it’s still alive, sell it’s little body parts, and then put the rest in a blender. It is NOT both of their bodies. If I pick you up and carry you around, does that give me the right to kill you for convenience? No! Understand that many of the babies murdered each day ARE female, what about their rights? Less than 1% of abortions are because of danger to the “mother,” incest, or rape, the rest are simply for the convenience, and at the whim of someone who has already proved themselves irresponsible by getting pregnant when they didn’t want to have a child. Abortion is barbaric, repulsive, and wrong…Frank


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