Dropping the Donald? More Frankfurt School Tactics to Control Ignorant Masses

When Frank told me yesterday that the poll numbers for Trump were down, I realized that this recent drop was to be expected. This so-called plummet is textbook propaganda, and more than likely, we’ll continue to be bombarded with inaccurate “poll” numbers that show waning support for our country’s last chance.

However, considering the huge turnout for yesterday’s appearance in Florida, I must say that the liberal, bloodsucking, dip shits who are shaking in their covens are really going all out to fabricate lying numbers. They will most likely continue to do everything in their power to alter public sentiment and disgust honest Americans, so that they’ll refrain from voting.

Some Brief History

This type of propaganda is not new. In fact, so many dedicated studies have been conducted on how to manipulate people that it would take an entire database to correlate, organize, and categorize them. (There may already be one, or more than one, I don’t know.) Anyway, here’s the source of the quotes, and the basic premise goes like this:

In 1923, the Frankfurt school was founded, and the “institute was conceived to provide for studies on the labor movement and the origins of anti-Semitism, which at the time were being ignored in German intellectual and academic life.”

Remember, at that time, Germany was reeling from the results of WWI. The economic situation was horrific, and the culture was prime for the hate rhetoric. It’s always so much easier to blame someone else for your own problems, that this natural desire to pinpoint a “cause” is easy to understand. (Well, easy if you suffer from an absence of self-realization, lacking the ability to honestly, and logically asses your own actions. A problem, I fear, that permeates our society, making it possible for criminals like Hillary to delude so many idiots.)

So, fast forward to the early 1930’s. Hitler was promoting his socialist policies with rigorous aggression. The school moved the the US. “Interestingly, one of the School’s major topics of study was Nazism. This led to two different approaches in the School. One was guided by Neumann, Gurland and Kirchheimer and addressed mainly legal and political issues on the basis of economic substructures. The other, guided by Horkheimer, focused on psychological irrationalism as a source of obedience and domination (see Jay 1996, p. 166).”

Did you notice the “irrationalism as a source of obedience an domination” part? How many liberal policies fly directly in the face of logic? Plenty. That’s important.

During the ’40’s the school plugged along, and was invited to return to the motherland (West Germany, at that time) in the early 1950’s. It has continued to produce additional fanatics who truly hate freedom.

Altering Personal Thoughts

You see, our adversary (who is diametrically opposed to Right, Truth, Justice, and Liberty) understands psychological warfare. And he is tenaciously patient. If you’ve never read The Screwtape Letters, give it a try. It is eye-opening, and reminiscent of Bunyan’s The Holy War. Both, excellent reads that I wholly recommend.

This basic idea, that through public media outlets (news, radio, and TV), cultural acceptance could be orchestrated, led to the development of a number of theories that are being put into effective practice today. Tactics, in fact, that have proven highly successful.

Today, our children are not taught fundamental mathematics concepts, they’re told to “explain” how they determined their answer, regardless of whether the answer is correct. They are bombarded with “social” programs designed to remove all innocence. Indeed, things that would not have been spoken about in polite society thirty years ago are now bandied about as normal.

When you use “critical thinking” to criticize anything that is morally upright, virtuous, or commendable, you develop a society that is contemptuous of the principles that make freedom possible.

So, do I believe the media lies and the poll numbers that show Trump barely leading or even falling behind that hag? No. It is specifically designed to discourage voters. The actual people who are risking their safety to attend Trump rallies aren’t fabricated. These people aren’t “minorities paid to fill seats at the DNC,” they are honestly looking for a solution to the chaos created over the past twenty years. They want to help halt violence, hate, and class war mongering. We want to live in peace–FREELY! I am one of those voters who desperately want to stem the tide of slavery that is overtaking our country. And, regardless of the propaganda, I will vote and I will pray that it is not too late.

Freeda B Blunt



4 thoughts on “Dropping the Donald? More Frankfurt School Tactics to Control Ignorant Masses

  1. Why will nobody discuss thevreadilybavailablenphotosnofnHillarymprayingbtomMolofhbthecDevil-god
    AtcBohemiabGrofemor Cathy O’Brien’s claim that Hillary raped her while sniffing cocaine? why are these
    Established facts resolutely avoided? I am simply
    Tryingbtomunderstandvthebmechanisms ofbmediabmanipulstion johntaylorgatto@gmail.com

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