Good Info: Knife Attack — Thoughtfully Prepping

A drawn knife is an intention to kill.

What to do.

  1. If you realise what is going on, run away as FAST as you can! Why?
    Because distance between you and them saves you getting cut!
  2. If you can’t run FAST, put something substantial between you and them. Why?
    • At best to stop them getting to you,
    • And possibly hurting them so bad with it they won’t want to continue.
    • To delay getting cut
  3. If the attacker is far enough away and you have a firearm, USE IT!
    What is far enough away?
    A person running at you will cover the polices favourite safety distance of 21 feet in about 1.5 to 2 seconds. Less than that if enraged or super fit.
    That’s too close to call if you’ll have time to draw, ready, aim and fire.
    Your immediate action on seeing a knife should be to draw and make ready even if they aren’t an immediate threat.
    It will save you time by having the weapon in your hand, ready, with the safety off.
    How much time? About 1.5 to 2 seconds if you’ve been training hard.

What you don’t do.

  1. Give up and start praying.
    Attackers don’t generally want to engage with someone willing to fight back even if you are the intended target.
  2. Phone the police.
    Total waste of time unless you are safe as they’ll arrive too late, as usual.
  3. Fight fairly.
    Whatever it takes you do. Does that sound a bit glib?
    Yep, it probably is! BUT hurt them enough and they will stop.
    As said, a drawn knife is an intention to kill.
    From that realisation must come total aggression from you at them.

What, you thought I was going to get all clever?
All Kung foo’ey, use some exotic martial art trick, or military fighting scheme?


Against a knife only two things really matter.
♦ Stop them cutting you (distance, barriers)
♦ Stopping them.

via Knife Attack — Thoughtfully Prepping

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2 thoughts on “Good Info: Knife Attack — Thoughtfully Prepping

  1. Also be aware that the kind of idiot who is going to attack a stranger with a knife almost certainly likes to inject drugs, and thus may be a carrier of a long list of blood-borne diseases, including HIV, Hep, and God knows what else. Knife fights are always bloody and usually both sides end up cut and splattered with blood. You don’t want a crackhead’s blood on you, ever.

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