More “Tolerance” : Hillary’s Peeps Go All KKK on Trump Supporter…

Once again the “Anti-First Amendment Wing” of the Democrat Party has reared it’s increasingly ugly head. In the latest, and perhaps one of the most dangerous displays of shutting down speech liberal hypocrites find “offensive”, Hillary followers set fire to a 12′ Trump sign placed on Sam Pirozzolo’s lawn.These miscreant arsonists trespassed on Sam’s private property, soaked with gas the big “T” he’d anchored close to his home, then, without regard for the safety of Pirozzolo’s family, set it ablaze. If this kind of fear instilling tactic doesn’t ring a bell, it should.It’s reminiscent of how the Klu Klux Klan used burning crosses to terrorize both Black families, along with those who supported efforts to end Segregation and Jim Crow laws. Before thinking this an “extreme” analogy, you might be reminded the KKK basically acted as an “enforcement arm” of the southern Democrat Party for decades. Remember some of their most revered elected officials (i.e. U.S. Senator Robert Bird, President Woodrow Wilson) were on board with racist policies.So maybe it’s in the Dem DNA to set fire to anything that resembles a cross. Combine the genetic aspect of this with an opportunity to stomp on expression they just can’t tolerate, and it may well be these political terrorists feel absolutely compelled to grab some gasoline and matches.

Via: Hillary’s Peeps Go All KKK on Trump Supporter |

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