School Board Member Asks If We Can SHOOT Police Now…

A New Orleans school board member has really stepped in it this time. Attorney at Law Morris “Moe” Reed decided the really smart thing to do would be to go on Facebook and air his racist, cop hatred.

There he asked the age old question: “Can we shoot police when they walk up to our cars now and say we feared for our lives?” Yep, that’s what you want from a school board member… a murderous dirt bag attorney who wants to off cops. Yeah baby.

Unfortunately for Reed, he has people who actually read his Facebook page and took screenshots of his rant and sent it to the media. The backlash was epic from the parents that were to vote for this moron and amidst the calls for his proverbial head, Reed has now made the wise, if not unforeseen, announcement that he is withdrawing his candidacy for the school board.

He laughably claimed he was dropping out because of “unexpected family commitments and the continued work at his law firm.” Right. He claimed he was planning on dropping out anyway because he was much too busy and successful and didn’t have “extra time” for meeting with school board staff. Just one day prior though saw him defending his position and proclaiming that he was going to fight for children while serving on the school board.

Morris From Mad World News:

A black school board member took to social media in support of the police killings, eagerly asking if he is allowed to shoot police officers now. However, just hours after posting his opinion on murdering innocent people simply because of their career choice, he got his answer — just not in the way he was expecting. Attorney at law Morris “Moe” Reed was running to represent the 4th District of New Orleans Parish School Board when he thought it would be a good idea to let the world know that would like to kill members of the community.

In a set of uninhibited Facebook posts, Reed announced that he was fed up with black people being shot by police officers, regardless of their criminal behavior, and had the perfect solution to stop it. Blue Lives Matter reports that Reed first posted in support of Micha Xavier Johnson, a black sniper who gunned down 5 officers during a Black Lives Matter protest. In his status, Reed ironically posted an article containing a feature image of a black policeman mourning the loss of his fellow officers, encouraging violence against unsuspecting public servants.

In an echo of the tried and true racist claim that ‘some of my best friends are black’, Reed claims that some of his best friends are cops. That they run in his family. And yet, he blithely called for blowing them away and then said he was being sarcastic. Color me awesomely skeptic over that piece of bullcrap.He even had the nerve to post in support of Micha Xavier Johnson, a black sniper who gunned down 5 officers during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas. For shame.

More so-called wisdom from Reed: “Peaceful protest have been ignored for decades,” Reed commented. “Officers need to be trained differently. Which do you think has them thinking now? burning buildings or police dying? Don’t call me insensitive because my people have been dying for over 400 years.” Your people huh? Silly me, I thought school board members represented everyone, not just ‘their people’.All the excuses in the world won’t dig Reed out of the racist, cop-hating hole he has dug for himself. Massive fail – time to just go away. Please.

Source: School Board Member Asks If We Can SHOOT Police Now – School’s Parents Give American Response! | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News

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