Poll: 60% Support Trump in “Putting America First”…(Should be 100%)…

Donald Trump has rattled some in the national security hierarchy of both major political parties with his call for returning to an America First foreign policy.

(That tells me that “some in the national security hierarchy of both major political parties” needs to be removed from their positions)

Most voters agree the United States has not been putting its own interests ahead of others and should reverse course.The survey of 1,000 Likely Voters was conducted on May 1-2, 2016 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

Source: Poll: 60% Support Trump’s Foreign Policy That Puts “America First”… | Weasel Zippers

11 thoughts on “Poll: 60% Support Trump in “Putting America First”…(Should be 100%)…

  1. No, I get the poll result. Most times we should put America first, but not always. Sometimes you need to put humanity first instead, like in eliminating nuclear weapons, developing cures for diseases, and helping to restore and protect the environment (since we can’t get to another planet if we poison this one too much). Some things really are issues of universal, global concern. Those are the issues where we must be “one of many”.


    1. I must respectfully disagree, sir. Is this what you really believe, sir? Or, what you’ve been taught to believe though subtle, unrelenting tactics used by the system of indoctrination? Real change only happens on an individual basis. For example, I know of missions that personally change the lives of villagers in South America. But, the government did not do it. Individual men and women who spent their own money and raised funds took water, medicine, and built healthcare facilities for the people. Our “federal assistance” didn’t do a thing.

      If you take away the liberties of others to “put humanity first” through giant, globalist ideals, you actually get the opposite result. Because of the nature of mankind, the issues you listed are impossible to achieve. Believing that humans can bring about a united collective, sounds very “borg-ish,” and that type of adherence to a lie is what has gotten us in the position we now face. –Freeda

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      1. But you said it yourself. People banded together to change lives on a mission. I didn’t say ANYTHING about it having to be government-run, only that there are sometimes goals, depending on the problem, above patriotism, above mere national goals. Sometimes you put America first. Sometimes you put God first. Sometimes you act to serve others, because it builds your own spirit to be generous and kind. Sometimes you try and help the sick and hungry because it is a universally moral act. One should act ethically, and adapt priorities for maximum positive outcomes.


        1. I agree with your sentiment. However, at this time, politics do take precedent, and here’s why:

          The leftist agenda actually prevents freedom and is designed to create slaves. If you lose the right to defend yourself, have to live without safety (Europe), lose the freedom to worship (China), and jettison the benefits of a free market (Obamacare), you lose the liberty to introduce help to others.

          God is always first with me, and the ethics you mention cannot exist without a definite definition of right and wrong, which can only be apportioned by an omnipotent Creator. I am a conservative in the true sense of the word and do my utmost to be a good steward of the planet. But, by God, forcing another person to believe and act the same way is the height of arrogance, and utterly wrong.

          Climate change is a giant hoax, most likely the result of solar activity. Nuclear weapons saved lives in WWII. Transferring the best healthcare system (as far as treatment goes) into a social disaster will not support the discovery of cures. If that were the case, many European countries would lead the world in finding cures, but they AREN’T.

          Patriotism needs to be placed first, right now, because if it isn’t, none of those possible benefits to “humanity” can be achieved.

          But, as I said, although I disagree with the issues, I agree with you in theory. The problem is, benefits don’t come to mankind without the acknowledgment of our own frailty and selfishness. Liberals believe that they can be “good,” but that is another ancient lie that has led more people to hell than outright disbelief.


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    1. Exactly right! I personally don’t understand the kind of blind hate that causes “liberals” to desire the total destruction of everything that makes our lives peaceful and fruitful. Communists actually believe in a man-made utopia, so they are basically clinically insane. It doesn’t work, it never has, and doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting different results is totally crazy. –Freeda


  2. Freeda, I don’t understand liberals wanting the destruction of our country either when they benefit from capitalism. Makes no sense. They must not know much about Communism to want that ideology here.

    I agree doing the same thing over that doesn’t work is the definition of insanity,

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