4 Things you Should Know About the Louisiana Flooding…

1. It’s Really Bad…

The flooding has caused an estimated $30 million plus in damage, and is the worst natural disaster since Hurricane Sandy. Some areas of Louisiana received more than 31 inches of rain in 15 hours, and almost three feet of rain in two days.

13 people have died, and 60, 000 families have had their homes damaged. More than 30,000 people were rescued, alligators are swimming through neighborhoods where the flood waters could remain for weeks…Louisiana needs our prayers, and our help.

Photo: christianpost.com
Photo: christianpost.com

2. Donald Trump Donated a Semi-trailer full of Supplies, Personally Handed them out with Mike Pence, and Visited with Some of the Victims while Viewing the Damages…

Locals: “We knew you’d be here for us”…


3. Obama does not Care…in the Least…

Picture: Twitter
Picture: Twitter

The democrat president delayed his visit, playing 10 rounds of golf in the last 16 days, and continuing his vacation uninterrupted. Obama sent his Secretary of Homeland Security out to tell Louisiana he was too busy, but that he was monitoring the response from his vacation home.

Perhaps it’s racial, or perhaps there is no way to make the situation about race, but either way the president hasn’t shown much concern for the people in Louisiana who are suffering.

4. Hillary does not Care…in the Least…

A casket is seen in front of a partially submerged church in Ascension Parish, Louisiana. Photo: christianpost.com
A casket is seen in front of a partially submerged church in Ascension Parish, Louisiana. Photo: christianpost.com… REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman

Louisiana IS NOT in play, as Mr. Trump is up around 16% over the aged commie in the state. Hillary has finally declared she would visit, but only after being shamed into it by Mr. Trump…I think she has to be pumped full of drugs and propped up by her handlers, and has little energy to pretend that she cares about those she cannot exploit for votes.



7 thoughts on “4 Things you Should Know About the Louisiana Flooding…

      1. I was in the flood of Super Storm Sandy 2012; My home was destroyed. Me and my wife were in water up to my waist for 3 1/2 days, the Nor’easter storm that blew in with the hurricane, made the water icy cold. I know what the WW2 sailors felt like who were torpedoed. We normally flooded four to six times a year, with tide and full moon cycles. Then add storms. About nine times a year at groin level. I always hosed the property around the house and street because with the mud, there was bacteria from the sewer system. After the flood, I was shoveling mud out of the house. Then I bought a bug sprayer that pumps. The garden kind. Bleach and water mixture. Spray everything to disinfect. Some critters do look for sanctuary. A six foot Mako shark, either disoriented or pulled in with the current, swam around my barbeque. If I would have known it was coming, I would have dragged it into the kitchen and made steaks of it. Possums and racoons look to get into homes, as do the squirrels. Eels swim in the street. Fish flop in the driveway and yard by the bulkhead. A German Shepherd (no collar) ran into the yard, afraid. Took care of her for a while upwards of two weeks. Then kids were walking up and down all the streets calling a name and I asked. It was their dog. Expect to do nice things for others and never seek reward. Louisiana, will pull through. The people need help. The people need elected officials to get motivated.

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              1. Yes. Mako, are sliced with kitchen ham knives bent in circles and sold as “Sea Scallop”. Mako, as any other shark, urinates through the skin, so you soak the steaks overnight in a big bowl with milk. Knocks the acid right out of the steaks. I like Striped Bass on a barbeque, best, when battered. Mako comes in after that, along with Weak Fish (Buttermouth/Sea Trout). Makos, when caught at night and pulled along side of the boat, and a deck light is on them, open their mouths fully and it is like looking into a tunnel.

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