Highlights Of Trump Immigration Speech: Our Greatest Compassion Has To Be For American Citizens…

• Mr. Trump explained his supporters to those voters who are wary of them and their perceived anti-immigrant views. “These are valid concerns expressed by decent and patriotic citizens,” he said. We do not usually hear him speaking like this – in a sense speaking directly to those who fear him as much as the the audience right in front of him.

• Trump ticked through the names of three Americans who were killed by undocumented immigrants. These are staples of his speeches and familiar to his audiences at this stage of the campaign. He has held them up as examples of an immigration system run amok with tragic consequences.

• Trump made the case that elites in Washington and in the media have put the wrong focus on the immigration debate – by emphasizing the plight of an estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants in the country, not the Americans impacted by their presence. “Anyone who tells you that the core issues is the needs of those living here illegally has simply spent too much time in Washington. Only the out of touch media elites think the biggest problems facing American society today is that there are 11 illegal immigrants who don’t have legal status.”


• Here’s Trump’s plan for combating illegal immigration, boiled down to its simplest elements:

1. Build the wall

2. End catch and release policy for undocumented immigrants and instead return them to their country of origin

3. Have zero tolerance for undocumented immigrants who have committed a crime. He will deport them.

4. Triple number of deportation officers at the department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

5. Repeal President Obama’s executive orders that temporarily protected undocumented immigrants from deportation and authorized them to receive work permit

6. Stop issuing visas to any country where “adequate screening cannot occur” that might endanger national security;.

7. Ensure foreign countries take back deported immigrants from the United States: Mr. Trump said 23 countries refuse to do so

8. Complete a biometric entry and exit visa tracking system under development. “It will be on land, it will be on sea, it will be in the air,” he said.

• Comparing himself to Hillary Clinton, who he maligned throughout the speech, Mr. Trump asked: “What do you have to lose? Chose me.” It was an echo of a much mocked question he asked black voters recently.

• “Maybe they’ll be able to deport her.” Mr. Trump provocatively wondered whether its possible to send Mrs. Clinton out of the country.

• A memorable passage from this speech: “Our message to the world will be this: You cannot obtain legal status or become a citizen of the United States by illegally entering our country. Can’t do it. This declaration alone will stop the crisis of illegal crossing. You can’t just smuggle in, hunker down and wait to be legalized. Those days are over.”

• Mr. Trump invited onto the stage the mothers and fathers of Americans whose children were killed by undocumented immigrants. He asked each to describe their children and how they died. He then kissed many of them on the cheek. It was the most emotional moment of the speech. “If you don’t vote Trump, we won’t have a country,” one of the mothers told the audience.

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9 thoughts on “Highlights Of Trump Immigration Speech: Our Greatest Compassion Has To Be For American Citizens…

  1. This speech was one of Trump’s best ever. He really knocked it out of the ball park. And he gave specifics which the liberals always claim he doesn’t. But that didn’t stop them from bashing him over this speech. With the media whores there is no way he can win. But, with the people he wins their hearts

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    1. Peppermint, I hope he’s getting through. He says NOTHING controversial, “racist,” or outrageous, but the media try and portray him as such. Polls suggest that no-one trusts the media, yet I still hear people echo their lies, so I hope and pray that the TRUTH is getting out to every American, sinking in, and that we will start standing up and doing the right thing. The right thing is to purge this nation of leftists, their ideology, and their indoctrination through academia. GOD speed, Frank.

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      1. Frank, I too hope Trump is getting through to many people. He is our only way to save our country. I think he is doing so well lately being presidential with really good policy speeches.

        You are right, we need to purge this country of not only liberals, but socialists and commies, like Hillary. If she becomes president we are done.

        Frank do you think these polls they come up with are bogus or rigged. I can’t understand how she keeps running ahead of him when he has rallies that attract thousands of people and yet she is hardly out in public and her rallies are few people. It just doesn’t make sense to me that she’s doing so well.

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        1. Peppermint, I apologize its taken me so long to respond, Freeda and I have been so very busy. We BOTH value your comments, your visits, and we both have visited you fine site (and Freeda loves your farm). East Kentucky IS a fine place to live, it’s a beautiful place filled with wonderful people.
          I think polls can easily be manipulated to support an agenda by who is polled, and by how the questions are phrased. A poll in the North Georgia hills, or East Kentucky will most certainly have different results than a poll of people in San Francisco. Respondents will give a different answer to “do you support a woman’s “right” to make her own healthcare choices,” or “do you support infanticide”. The motivation is to suppress the vote. If your candidate is down 22 points, why bother to vote? If everyone else disagrees with you, maybe you are wrong…
          Stand firm…the truth is the truth, and it doesn’t matter if you are the only one that knows it. Conservatives are in the majority in this nation, even after decades of indoctrination by public education to the contrary. When I stand before GOD, and in front of those who went before me, I want it on record that I voted FOR freedom, FOR a nation under GOD, and AGAINST killing babies for convenience…


  2. That’s Ok that you didn’t get back to me right away. I’m guilty of that too.
    I just don’t believe these polls put out. I see thousands of ppl at Trump rallies and hardly anyone at Hillary’s’. it just can’t be true.


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