Mrs. Clinton will talk to the Children (GOD FORBID), for $2700.00 each…

Life Seems to get More and More Bizarre…

A parent’s number one job is to protect their children from “people” like Hillary Clinton. Americans should be willing to pay $2700.00 to keep her away, and NEVER let their kids in close proximity to this foul, stinking filth…Yet, hidden quite a few paragraphs down in a “Where’s Shrillary” story, we find THIS…

The campaign’s finance team is led by Dennis Cheng, previously the chief fund-raiser for the Clinton Foundation, and it employs a couple dozen staff members. Mr. Cheng, who attends the events with Mrs. Clinton, offers donors a number of contribution options that provide them and their families varying levels of access to Mrs. Clinton. (Various levels of access…Just like she sells our enemies…)John Morgan, a Florida lawyer and donor, described Mr. Cheng as “the master concierge.”

For a donation of $2,700, the children (under 16) of donors at an event last month at the Sag Harbor, N.Y., estate of the hedge fund magnate Adam Sender could ask Mrs. Clinton a question. A family photo with Mrs. Clinton cost $10,000, according to attendees.

And when Mrs. Clinton attended a dinner at the Beverly Hills home of the entertainment executive Haim Saban last month, the invitation was very clear. If attendees wanted to dine and receive a photo with Mrs. Clinton they had to pay their own way: “Write not raise” $100,000.

Another advantage to choosing private fund-raisers over town halls or other public events is that Mrs. Clinton can bask in an affectionate embrace (GROSS, I’d rather “affectionately embrace” an angry Possum…)as hosts try to limit confrontational engagements.


4 thoughts on “Mrs. Clinton will talk to the Children (GOD FORBID), for $2700.00 each…

    1. A parent is supposed to, among many other things, protect their offspring. Hillary is a commie hack who wants to indoctrinate the “village” children into her vision of a third-world American slum, with her as it’s barely coherent queen. She is the enemy of the United States, the enemy of freedom, the enemy of the constitution, the enemy of GOD…keep your children and your household far from such. Look at how she treated the son’s of America in Benghazi…she watched and listened as they fought and died, so she could keep her agenda hidden. She is a sociopath with no empathy, and no morals. You would not let your child set with a rabid animal…same thing.


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