Dim-o-crat “Teacher” Stomps on American Flag In His Class – It Didn’t Go Well…

Lee Francis, a Democrat who recently challenged a U.S. Rep. in a primary on a “revolutionary” platform, was  reportedly trying to “teach” his students about the “1st Amendment freedom of speech,” when he decided to do it by defacing an American flag right in the classroom.

Francis decided to “destroy” a flag he brought into class, according to one student on Facebook. He tried cutting the flag with a pair of scissors, and when that didn’t work also looked for a lighter or pack of matches, apparently to burn the flag.

When unable to obtain these items, Francis then reportedly threw the flag on the floor and stomped on it.

The incident happened Monday at Massey Hill Classical high School in Fayetteville – home to Fort Bragg and one of the most patriotic communities in the nation.

And when some of those military kids saw what Francis was doing they immediately acted, grabbing the flag away from him, and removing it from the class — and one of the students took a picture that quickly hit social media, where outraged parents saw it.

“What that teacher did was a gut punch to all the military kids at that school,” one angry parent told The Fayetteville Observer. “More so to the ones with deployed parents and unforgivably so to Gold Star kids who lost a parent who fought under that flag. It is indefensible.”

Francis faced immediate consequences. On Tuesday he was removed from the classroom on “administrative leave.”

Via: Smartass Libstain Teacher Stomps on American Flag In His Class – It Didn’t Go Well

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