SHOCKING: Trump loves Women, Firearms, and the U.S.A. (I bet he loves JESUS and Trucks too)…

DNC October Surprise Proves Trump is a Healthy, Normal American Male…

Well, if you planned on voting for Donald Trump you now have to deal with the fact that he is normal.

Trump is a tow-haired, all-American boy with stars and stripes in his eyes that has a love for all that is good in the U.S.A..

Why would you ever consider voting for a man who not only believes in the “American Dream,” but knows how to achieve it? Really, you have the option to vote for a bitter, hate-filled, bigoted, granny witch who despises you, your country, your culture, and GOD. Watch the short video below, and you’ll get an idea of how the Clintons treat women who are beneath them in their perceived class structure…

(Wow, look at Creepy McCreep’s eyes)

More Shocking…I Will Still Vote for Him…

His use of the word p***y does not bother me in the least. It’s one of the prettier words for a most wonderful part of female anatomy. (I’m sure Hillary and Huma use the same word)

Photo: Huffington PostI don’t care that he used it in conversation, and I’m not sure why anyone would have taped such banter. I do not like that he tried to mess with someone’s wife, and thinks he can just “grab” women…but this may have been crude joking, like men and women sometimes engage in. I’ve certainly heard much worse. If he did try and force a touch, or hit on someone’s wife…well that’s what ass-whoopin’s are for…to correct such behavior.

But I’m still going to vote for him.

I like Trump, and as the campaign has played out I’ve felt more and more reassured in doing so.

Even setting that aside, this election is about getting rid of Hillary. Forever. No more Clintons, NO MORE DEMOCRATS or RINO’s…EVER.

  • I’m through wasting bazillions on global warming, studies of gay fruit fly mating rituals, etc. while our military is disassembled for social justice crap and veterans are left to die without care.
  • I’m sick of education being used to indoctrinate young people to hate this nation, white people, the police, military, and GOD.

I’m so over having this nation run into the ground by leftist idiots whose vision of the future is half-naked peasants running about hacking each other to death with machetes while they watch from their penthouses.

We MUST Stop “liberals”…

I’m not sure how much longer the United States can survive the mismanagement and treachery of the dim-o-crats. Look at this election. A large number of young people thought the best choice was an avowed socialist. You know…socialist…Nazi…Commie. Why? Because they are indoctrinated in public school and in college. Take a look at your kid’s books, especially “English Lit,” “Environmental Science,” and “History.” It’s ALL hate America, white people are bad, crap. They are fed this offal, tested on it, and required to recite it.

They are being brainwashed.

Governments are starting to ban reporting on muslim terror attacks, so that you won’t have a reason to object to their taking over your country, while you pay for it. The “mainstream media” has been functioning as a mouthpiece for the “progressives” and drips with bias.

Please, WAKE UP!

We have to get American’s heads up, out of their smart phones, before they’re lopped off. Talk to people, get them registered, and let NOTHING deter you from standing up and doing what is RIGHT….VOTE THE dim-o-crats OUT. They must be purged from government, education, media, the judiciary, and any other place where they have sunk their vile tentacles.

They should be consigned to the trash heap of history and only brought up to be ridiculed and studied so that we never make such errors again.


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