America…Hillary HATES You…

If you add up all the American citizens that Hillary and Bill detests…

…It seems that she hates around 97% of the nation.

Why would anyone vote for her? As Trump pointed out in the last debate, her heart is full of hate.

You can see it in her eyes and hear the contempt in her screeching voice…

This “lady” has to be coached on when to SMILE


Hillary is known for calling the Secret Service her “personal pigs,” asking the U.S. Marine Honor Guard at the White House to serve as waiters, and using slurs against blacks, Jews, and disabled kids. She has yelled at troops who were only insuring her safety.


Mr. Trump loves the U.S.A..

He is not running to advance some secret global anti-Christ agenda, he simply sees the ineffective crap mess the government has become and thinks he can and should fix it.

He’s a good guy that gives Marines a ride home when they need it, he doesn’t cuss at them and order them to serve finger foods. He gives kids a ride in his helicopter…HIS helicopter, not ours. Trump has stopped his limo to prevent a stranger from being beat to death

Now I appeal to you…the “liberal.” Please, join the side of what is right, true, and good.

At our site we try to contrast the Right and the left, so that you might realize that you don’t belong on the side of death and hate.

If you line up with Hillary, you line up with the muslim who slaughtered those people in Orlando. Hillary had the murderer’s daddy at her rally.

Father of Orlando Terrorist…Hill Supporter

The muslim who shot and murdered five at the mall a few days ago was a Hill voter.

Is that you? Is that what you stand for?

Trump supporters have been attacked and seriously injured for supporting their candidate, and the left has openly supported the left’s violence. Are you really going to associate with violent, rabid mobs who attack women, men, and children? I think you are better than that…Here is the major difference between the Conservatives and the so-called “liberals”…

We, Conservatives, believe in FREEDOM!

We don’t force you to drive a Ford diesel, own a firearm, and have normal sex…”liberals” DO try and force everyone to drive a golf cart, be defenseless, and celebrate sickness. What you do in your own home is pretty much YOUR business, but with libbies everything must be monitored and controlled by them.

The disastrous “obama care” law had provisions for tracking RFID chips and home “visits”…do you really want troops to come and sort through your stuff, and confiscate your potato chips and Twinkies?


Join Us!!!


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