Who Won the Second Trump-Hillary Debate? Bill’s Eyes Tell the Tale…

If you Don’t Realize that Trump Won Big, You did not Watch the Debate…

Donald Trump came out and dominated the entire event Sunday night. He was calm, poised, articulate, and in charge. Trump set the tone and the pace, and controlled the entire process. He spoke the TRUTH;

  • Hillary is the devil
  • Hillary’s heart is full of hate
  • Hillary is an incompetent liar

First, He set the Media Straight…

The liberal lackey media was all excited about some random locker-room conversation from over  decade ago, so Trump lured them into a “pre-debate” press conference. I’m sure they salivated at the chance to try and make him look bad, and some probably thought he might be going to quit. Then…BOOM! Trump smashed them in the face with some of Bill and Hillary’s victims…

Then Trump Destroyed the Hildabeast…

Trump states the truth, and says Hillary would be in jail if he was in charge…(Lots of applause and cheering, but it was cut out…for some reason)

Trump points out that she is a liar…

This Doesn’t Cover it All, Trump WON BIG…Don’t Believe it? Look at the Expressions…

Photo: DailyMail
Clintons hate the truth, Photo: DailyMail
Photo: DailyMail
Some of Clinton’s victims, Photo: DailyMail
The Queen of Lies, Photo: DailyMail
Hillary Clinton…the Queen of Lies, Photo: DailyMail
Photo: DailyMail
Chelsea is concerned, Bill is STUNNED…The truth spoken out loud has an effect on progressives… Photo: DailyMail
Photo: DailyMail
Hillary has a “heart full of hatred”…Photo: DailyMail
Photo: DailyMail
Frustrated loser Clinton, Photo: DailyMail
Photo: DailyMail
Photo: DailyMail


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