Trump Smacks Hillary and the “Elites” of the Media…This is SWEET…

From Big Fur Hat @ IOTWReport

The left starts out laughing at his jokes, some were downright laugh out loud stuff. But then… the laughter started to die down as Trump cut to the bone, the very, very accurate bone.

By the time one of his one liners started with “Hillary is so corrupt that…” The audience started to boo.

When did it really start to go south? When Trump said it was a pleasure to finally meet in person the heads of Hillary’s campaign team.

“There they are,” he said, “ABC, NBC, The Washington Post, The NY Times.”

Things got dodgy after that.

You HAVE to watch this. This is what he should have said at the debate!!!! Trump trolled them again. He’s not even doing jokes, he’s just telling it like it is, the absurdity of the Clintons.

People are BOOING HIM. You can cut the tension with a scimitar. This is great!!!!


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