Hillary Clinton IS Guilty Of Inciting Violent Riots Against American Citizens…

What was once rumor has now been confirmed, and Hillary Clinton herself is apparently unable to deny the facts.

Team Clinton, working in conjunction with the DNC, planned and instigated violence against the Trump campaign during a number of Trump rallies – violence which resulted in injuries to both private citizens and law enforcement alike.

For a political candidate who has long been described as someone willing to say or do anything to further their quest for power, this information only adds another shocking layer to Hillary Clinton’s sordid character profile.

During last night’s presidential debate, Donald Trump raised the issue of her campaign coordinating violence against his supporters – a claim Hillary Clinton never denied. Not once. The proof of her complicity is out there, and she knows it.

Hillary Clinton is overseeing a campaign of deceit and violence.

She has proven herself to be, as stated during the final presidential debate, one “nasty woman.”

The violence that resulted in the above images were approved by Hillary Clinton and her campaign.

Via: Hillary Clinton Proven Guilty Of Inciting Violent Riots Against Trump Supporters – DCWhispers.com

More Dim-o-crat Hatred and Violence…HERE

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