Clinton E-mails: Hillary “Needs Sobered Up,” and Thinks it is “Great” that a Black Teenager was Shot….So says her Staff…

WikiLeaks Confirms what we Knew All Along…

Any clear thinking American already could see the vile nature of the left. It’s obvious that democrats have mental challenges, it’s clear that they hate GOD, the United States, freedom, and YOU.

The “progressives” salivate each time someone is hurt or killed in the hope of distorting the truth and leveraging the tragedy for their own political gain…and to curtail YOUR freedoms.

Thanks to the leaks being dumped on the public each week…The entire world now can see the rancid liberal mindset. It’s undeniable. It’s in “black and white.”

Photo: Drudge
Photo: Drudge


Hillary Needs to be “Sobered Up”…at 4:30 in the Afternoon…(Maybe that’s why our men at Benghazi Couldn’t get any help!!!)…




Mrs. Bill Clinton Thinks it’s “Great” when Someone is Shot to Death, if she can use it to take Away our Rights…


You Must Vote Against this Skank…

Lefties…do you really think this horrid, rich, commie traitor cares about the environment or animals??? She doesn’t care about humans. The Democrats run people over in their limousine “motorcades.”

Hillary has called you a “bucket of losers”….do you really think she gives a damn about your student loan debt???

Join us!!! Vote for freedom.

Salute the U.S. flag, say the Pledge of Allegiance, and be an AMERICAN!!!

We ROCK. We bring freedom to many across the globe. We feed the hungry. We serve the ONLY TRUE GOD!!!

Please, there is still time and we need your help…Don’t piss away the absolute BEST nation on the face of this planet because of what your loser “feminist intersection counseling” “professor” told you. Shake off their attempted indoctrination, purchase a firearm and get trained…get a push-rod V-8 car or truck…join the military…seek GOD…BE A MAN or WOMAN and help us purge this nation of the filth calling itself “liberal.”

Frank N. Blunt

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