Let’s talk about the “Ground Game”…

That’s all we hear about. The ground game. Chuck Todd talks about Hillary’s amazing “ground game.”

What is a ground game?

In short, it’s people on the ground who literally grab people by the collar and get them to vote. They offer bums cigarettes to vote. They get busses and round up people to vote. They knock on doors. They make phone calls.

Some of what the ground game does is illegal, like offering something of value in order to get out and vote, that is why people think Hillary’s ground game is superior, because the left are a bunch of sleazeballs who openly admit that they cheat.

(Remember the video we had of a “ground gamer” going into mental health facilities and getting absentee votes from people who didn’t even know where they were?)

So, is Donald Trump outclassed in the ground game, like the pointy headed leftists say?

No. No he’s not.

Want to see a ground game?

15,000 people showed up in North Carolina to see Trump. The entire town’s population is 6,073.

There’s your ground game.

People are waiting on line to get into rallies for 2-3 hours. You don’t think they are going to vote? There is no need to knock on doors. They are knocking the doors down… to get into the voting booth.

The left is hoping that all the people at these rallies represents the entirety of the voting bloc. It doesn’t work that way. Usually what you see at a rally is just the tip of the iceberg. There is no reason not to suspect that there is a tsunami out there.

We’ll see Tuesday.

Via: Let’s talk about the “Ground Game”

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