Watch Your Mouth – Reflecting on the Power of Words…

Given the recent, incredibly wondrous experience Cubs fans around the country are celebrating, and the fact that the election is only days away, I thought I would share my thoughts on the power of the words we speak and why it’s so seriously important to guard your tongue.

The words you use have incredible power.

The Bible (NIV) mentions the tongue 93 times, tongues 45 times, and mouth or mouths over 320 times. James specifically calls the tongue “a fire” (James 3:6), having the ability to consume and destroy. Yet, in Proverbs, we learn that the mouth, when used righteously, has the power to become a “fountain of life” (10:11).

Here are a few truths I’ve gleaned about the words we speak:

  • God created the heavens and the earth by speaking them into existence. Every tangible thing that exists is here because “God said…”
  • We are created in His image.
  • God changed Abram’s name years before he (Abraham) had any children. He literally lived his faith every time he told someone that his name was Abraham (“father of many”). For 75 years, he walked around calling himself that, before he had any children at all.
  • Jesus spoke the word “Shalom” to the storm. He could have snapped his fingers, simply thought the command, or done a number of things, but He didn’t. He spoke. In fact, there are many examples of his verbal commands.
  • There are tons of Proverbs devoted to the importance of what you say.

So, a while back, Frank and I decided to start really trying to control what we say, and not “speak bad” on anything, including ourselves and others. We had realized that many people condemn the situations around them by speaking their fears out loud. They entice destruction in their lives simply from a pessimistic outlook and by grumbling about what “might” happen.

The problem with that sort of practice is that your “tongue has the power of life and death” (Prov. 18:21), and if you aren’t careful about what you say, you can unwittingly introduce those ill effects into your life.

However, you can just as easily introduce bounty and happiness into your home and relationships by speaking blessings on them.

The power of our words is (I feel) a universal law. I believe that God ordained certain laws of nature and existence that apply to both the believer and the non-believer. For instance, generosity returns to you, whether you use it with money or kindness, and the world recognizes it. Consider the movie “Pay It Forward” or the entire concept of Karma. Regardless of whether or not you believe in God, your words and actions influence your life—either for good, or bad.

An Example from a Life-long Cubs Fan

Back to the reason for this post… the Chicago Cubs hadn’t won the World Series in like 108 bazillion years, but this year, something happened. This ball club played so great and with such boundless joy that people started singing the “Go Cubs Go” song. Thousands of people… (even me; I’d been waiting since ’87) started chanting the chorus that says, “the Cubs are gonna’ win today.”

All of a sudden, the Cubs are winning like crazy. (They won 103 regular season games this year!!) Don’t get me wrong, that ball team is one of the best I’ve ever seen and they deserve their victory… but, it struck me:

All of those fans, every day, speaking blessings on the games… just may have had an impact.

Crucial Time for the United States

While I most certainly believe that it is important to pray for this election, I assign equal importance to the way I speak about it.

In just a two days, our nation will either proceed heedlessly toward the destruction that is already underway, or we will halt the spread of wicked persecution and injustice. We have the power to elect a total outsider, who has awakened the fighting spirit that is left in our country, for our good. Therefore,

I say that Donald Trump shall be our next president.

I say that the corruption, hate, racism, and greed that characterize the so called “liberals” in our country will cease.

We will take back our freedoms for our children.

There WILL NOT be voter fraud this year! Each REAL vote will be counted correctly.  

We will, from now on, persecute the lying enemies of our nation and see justice prevail, under God.

Therefore, as you head to the polls on Tuesday, remember to speak good on this, the most crucial election in our time.

Quick Reminder:

I am not a trained biblical scholar. Everything I’ve learned has come from private study, listening to sermons, reading various Christian books, and through prayer and personal revelation. These observations are just my personal interpretation of immeasurable truths.

I’ve accepted Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and as my personal Savior; and through the relationship I have with Him, I’ve been granted fellowship with the LORD.

Freeda B. Blunt…

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