Democrat Rioters Attack Women…Again…

How Much Longer Must we Suffer These Hateful Idiots ???

The ‘protesters’ (read: criminal rioters) were stopping people’s cars in Portland. The woman who they stopped said she had an emergency and they refused to let her, deeming it ‘not sufficient’ in their view to let her through. She tried to move ahead and they hit her car with a bat, smashing the windshield. Hundreds surrounded the car, some wanting to bash the car and do who knows what to the woman, while some were trying to stop them.

This same group stopped another woman on a bridge, refused to let her through. She responded back by getting out of her car and throwing laundry detergent on them, and they attacked her.

Via: WeaselZippers

Flying Monkeys
Hillary Sends out her Troops “Supporters”

Liberal thugs are saying: “Do what we want or we will kill you”…More HERE, and HERE

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