Special Snowflake Pledges to Defend You (Well, if you’re an Illegal or a muslim he’ll Defend you)… From Trump…

Please, enjoy a good laugh at the expense of this indoctrinated latte-boy-warrior…Then pray for him and the rest of America’s young men and women to open their eyes, grow up and discover the TRUTH!!!

The “Special Snowflake Second Class” Award Goes To……

This is Trent. Trent is a Millennial. Trent is a “Special Snowflake” of the liberal variety and he apparently owns a gun (I know, scary isn’t it) and want’s “Fascists” (Trump and his supporters) to know he will protect those who he thinks will be persecuted by Trump.

Photo: masondixontactical
Social Justice Warrior: Trent, Photo: masondixontactical

Trent’s Pledge…


I have to comment on some things that caught my eye…

  1. I’m pretty sure that a squirrel could take Trent down, even if he is packin his “assault shotgun”
  2. I have NO idea where he gets the idea of “registries” or “interment camps”
  3. Why is he objecting to closing the borders, and what is he talking about concerning violating his privacy?
  4. Illegals and non-citizens, “refugee” isis plants, etc….ARE NOT YOUR “FELLOW CITIZENS”
  5. There has been NO scary rhetoric, and Mr. Trump has not been sworn in as our President yet, so what does he reference in his last sentence?

I’m curious what Trent thinks Hillary (he probably was a disenfranchised Bernie supporter) would have done with his “privacy” if she’d taken the field on Nov 8th? What about the muslims who aren’t your “friends”, and have vowed to kill you (the western devil) Trent? “Marginalized”, you mean like Christians, heterosexuals, or Americans with a Southern Heritage were in the last eight years? That kind of marginalized? “Immigrants”? You don’t mean immigrants, you mean “Illegals”, don’t you Trent? “Refugees”? Like the ones who have murdered or raped how many Americans in just the last year?

Do you even know the answer to the last question Trent? Of course you don’t, because you get your information from social media and/or MSM outlets that were proven to be biased before, during, and after the election. Tell you what “Snowflake”, you might want to check your enthusiasm at the porch, before you jump off of it. (At least his gun isn’t blue….right?). Generally, the shotgun you have there would never be considered an “Assault Shotgun, simply due to it’s limited magazine capacity ( but it is good for squirrels, BTW).

Before you try and take your Modern Warfare 3 fantasy into the bloody, scary reality, I’d suggest you consider taking up airsoft or paintball. It will give you the thrill you think you’re looking for, without the finality of someone ending your participation in the defense of some of the criminal elements you so admire. There is no “Participatory Award” in the real world Trent, and the fact that you believe Trump and his supporters are fascists, shows that you are not ready for that kind of a reality check.


“Special Snowflake Second Class w/crossed Diaper Pins” is about the closest you will come to an award in our world. The sooner you and your type accept the reality I’ve spelled out, the better and SAFER it will be for you. We will no longer tolerate fools. Realistically, that’s what this election was about. Unfortunately, along with the entitlement crowd, your generation has shown it’s ass, and the adults in the room are now taking over. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Trent!

Via: masondixontactical

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