Muslims Torture Animals…(WARNING: graphic)…

Oh, lets bring more of this delightful culture here!!!

This sickens me. I cried, for the first time I can remember in a long time.

I watched two men be beheaded by a Mexican cartel once. They both were placed next to each other so that the second could watch the first be killed. The first man was beheaded with a chainsaw, the second with a knife. The man who drew the chainsaw had it better.

I watch things like that to remind myself of what kind of people are out there, possibly at the mall, Walmart, etc. Murderers need cheap tennis shoes and pizza too. I watch so that I can be ready, and to prepare Freeda and our precious little girl for the fact that we may have to take a life at some point. So that we are mentally ramped up and dedicated to the fact that no-one is going to take us ANYWHERE to have their way with us, and videotape our torment.

We will end it right there in the parking lot, and we will go home alive.

The Mexican beheading video didn’t strike me the way these videos did. These little donkeys are not fighting back, and these muslims are taking great pleasure in their torment and death. I grew up on a farm, and there are bonds between humans and their animals, along with a mutual trust and dependency. The way these “men” are treating these animals is WRONG.

If GOD gave me the permission, and the ability, I would remove every person like these men from the face of the earth so that our child, and yours, would not have to grow up in a world that has such evil, sick people. Muslim or not, black or white… ALL OF THEM…You and I DO have GOD’s permission, commission, and the ability to remove them if they are an imminent threat to us or ours. Watch these and steel yourself: NOT ME…NOT MINE…NOT TODAY, or EVER…


More: HERE, HERE, and HERE

 Found @: BareNakedIslam

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