Have an Android Smart Phone? Keep your Family Safe for a One-time Cost of Only $ .99…Survival Pack…

This App is Awesome…

  1. Teaches users how to spot and avoid trouble…
  2. Teaches users how to survive and WIN a violent encounter with a predator…
  3. Has a bodyguard feature that texts up to six people you trust with an emergency message and your location…every 60 seconds
  4. No additional monthly charges…

We live in a very dangerous world. With the threat of terror attacks, thug attacks, violent “protests,” kidnapping and more, why wouldn’t anyone with the Android system purchase this app? If you buy this for your family, spend some time at the packapps7 site, train, and pull up the “Code-Red” button when you are walking to your car after work or in a dangerous area…You will be safer and more prepared to stop a threat.


Learn More @: packapps7

Purchase HERE



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