This Is What Makes Me Mad About Journalists… Their Racism

Although I’ve been crazy busy lately, I just wanted to make a quick comment about something that disgusted me yesterday. Watching the press conference with Ray Lewis and Jim Brown after their meeting with Trump, I was very happy with the comments made by these gentlemen. However, one question made me simply want to vomit.

The so-called reporter asked (at the 3:56 mark), “Does it concern you at all, that of the top four, the big four cabinet posts, Mr. Trump hasn’t appointed a woman or a minority?”

This question is truly racist.

I couldn’t care less if the top four cabinet posts were women, blacks, LGBT, or any other divisive moniker the media wants to label someone with! I want the best possible advisors working with our leader to enact real improvements, regardless of that person’s “label.” Their abilities are the only thing that matter.

Racist media, of course, will continue to do everything in their power to divide our country into little factions, because it’s easier to control people that way.

Personally, I think that Trump will continue to keep those little mole-eyed blockheads in a tizzy by trying to malign him. And maybe, just maybe, people will start to see how petty, angry, and stupid these idiots really are.

Freeda B. Blunt

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