Muslims Train Children by Having them Hunt Down and Execute Bound Prisoners…


Sickening footage has emerged of child soldiers hunting down and executing prisoners in a ‘cat and mouse’-style ISIS training exercise in Syria.

Children carrying handguns are ordered to take part in a training mission, going from room to room in an abandoned building searching for tied-up captives.

One man is shot in the leg before receiving a point blank head shot while another terrified prisoner is cornered on a roof before plunging to his death.

The executions are shown in first person-style footage as children seek out hostages held in the building.

The 34-minute video, called My Father Told Me, shows so-called cubs of the Caliphate in the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa going through military drills in the middle of the night and learning how to use handheld rocket launchers.

Video at the link…

Via: Daily Mail Online

7 thoughts on “Muslims Train Children by Having them Hunt Down and Execute Bound Prisoners…

    1. I’ve lost track of all the innovative ways these savages have come up with to kill another human. Half of them would not have been possible if the “West” had not given them aid and technology. They could NEVER develop most of the equipment, weapons, and tactics they are utilizing if we had not given it to them and showed them how to operate it. Running over Christians on Jesus’ Birthday celebration with a truck….what idiot gave them a truck, or showed them how to drive?

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        1. They’re innovative and imaginative when it comes to torture and killing…but that seems to be the extent of their focus. They use a dough kneader to kill kids, not to make bread. Buildings are for throwing people off of, not for dwellings. They use fire and water to burn and drown, not to heat food, drink, or bathe. I think we should limit their access to resources other than bread and water bottles.

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  1. They are the lucky ones, later training will include the explosive vests. Jihadists want to kill it makes no difference who. It’s time to get out the RAID and kill the vermin.

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