Democrat Congressman Lacy Clay has Painting hung in U.S. capitol…Depicting Police Officers as Pigs and Killers, and Police Attacker thug Michael Brown as Crucified on the Scales of Justice…

What happened to the concepts of shame and decency? Democrats. That’s what happened…

Honestly, as soon as this garbage was unveiled, shouldn’t an AMERICAN man or woman have taken it down and shoved it down Clay’s throat? Enough of this crap. This should not exist, at all. If it must, it should have been a half finished “work” under a bridge in some filthy liberal enclave. Half finished because the “artist” was taken into custody before they completed this “masterpiece.”

This piece of crap was sponsored by Democrat Lacy Clay, Mo. Photo:

“The painting was chosen on behalf of Democratic Missouri Congressman Lacy Clay as part of the United States Congressional Art Competition. Pulphus’ artwork won first place in Missouri’s 1st Congressional District, so his painting now hangs in a tunnel between the Capitol building and Longworth House Office Building.

Clay praised the painting as a “colorful landscape of symbolic characters” in a press release.”



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