Black American Reacts to Mr. Trump’s Election…(This is MUST WATCH)…

First, this gentleman addresses all the damage Trump will inflict on our nation…

Then, he has a special message to the tiny minority of idiots who voted for the commie witch, Mrs. Clinton…

6 thoughts on “Black American Reacts to Mr. Trump’s Election…(This is MUST WATCH)…

  1. I know blacks, who are church going conservatives. They never give any alibis nor accept any alibis. You have to hear what they have been saying the past few years. They believe in Trump.

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  2. I know. I had a great conversation with a black gentleman a few weeks ago, while we were at a dealership for service. Unlike the picture they paint on the “mainstream” outlets…he was just like me… Proud of his kids, and concerned for their safety and future; An American, who doesn’t really see skin color as a part of “who he is”; Resentful of the fact that we now have to be on guard when we take our families to a Christmas parade, etc.

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  3. I also had two friends, blacks, who were US Navy veterans. If we had a couple more with their motivation and professionalism that they carried on since the Navy, the nation would be in great shape. I guess they saw the glass half full, while the Ghettoites saw the glass half empty.
    A great example of American drive, is Sheriff David Clarke.

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