Four Things you Should Know about the Florida Airport Shooter: “Aashiq Hammad”…(video of the moment he opened fire)…

Photo: CNN

Video of murdering scum…



6 thoughts on “Four Things you Should Know about the Florida Airport Shooter: “Aashiq Hammad”…(video of the moment he opened fire)…

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    It is better if the wounded veteran angle is primary. Combat does horrible things to men. Maybe veterans can get better benefits if presented as a dumped veteran.
    Thirty-seven years after I returned home from Southeast Asia, someone who worked at a VA hospital wanted to talk to me, in private, as I know him from a store I used to go to. We went outside, I started my Harley-Davidson, and said for him to speak, while I put on my helmet and gloves, securing my store purchase in the saddlebag of my FLHRCI Road King Classic. He tells me that he believes that I have classic markers for PTSD. Funny, I was told there was nothing wrong with me and denied a disability pension, decades ago. Is there any retroactive disability payments involved? No. I said, good-bye, because whatever happened, is now 37 years after the fact, a part of the fabric of my character. I got on the bike, kickstand up, and off I went. Angry.
    Forget the religious stuff about the shooter, and let’s try to get some benefits for veterans. The guy was unbalanced. Combat, twisted something in his head.

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    1. You might very well be correct, but I think the muslim stuff he downloaded was well before he was deployed. I also wonder how he had a CCW permit, and was allowed to fly with a firearm, after he had shown signs of mental issues. I am the most pro-firearm person imaginable, but I am amazed that he could book a flight with only his weapon as luggage…seems like a huge red flag.

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      1. There was no passenger named Esteban Santiago, registered on the flight per Air Canada, and no passenger on the flight had any firearm checked. That leads me to believe there was another means involved. Everything will become clear once the FBI investigates all leads. As to the prior mental condition, who knows. He could have had issues long before but people kept their mouths shut rather than get involved.
        I generally try to place the benefit of doubt, in the accused’s court, rather than run out and go for blood, in most cases. That little wiggle room has, a couple of times, been the breathing space needed to accurately get a handle on the cases. It’s always harder to prove a man innocent. By going that route, there is less likelihood to commit investigative errors. Also, remember until final, everything remains in flux and ever changing. Aside from a blackboard and chalk that I used to mind map and list facts and questions, then draw lines connecting each, I also had copier paper that I did the same with pen and pencil, then another sheet with cleared items written out. When all is complete, everything falls into place. Right now, there is only the perpetrator, and interviewing him will be difficult because the subject will say anything wild and see if he gets a reaction from investigators. So while interviews are done, detectives need to get out there and clear every item with shoe leather, and write down any questions or anything that doesn’t fit. That is where cases are made. Right now, veterans could benefit more than religious anger as we do not know the full extent of things. We do not know his history or medical history. Methodical. Slow it down, and do it, by the numbers and by the Book.

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