“Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem”…muslim Terrorist runs over Israeli Soldiers on a Field Trip; 4 Dead, 15 Injured…

  • Four Israelis soldiers have been killed and 15 wounded in a terrorist truck attack in Jerusalem on Sunday 
  • The victims had just disembarked a bus on a sightseeing tour when the truck driver veered into them  
  • Medics who attended the scene said that three of the victims were women, while all four were in their 20s
  • Police confirmed the suspected terrorist had been ‘neutralized’ after his windscreen was covered in bullets
  • Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said ISIS is to blame but provided no further details about it 
  • Tour guide Eytan Rund has described how he shot his ‘entire magazine’ at the driver ‘until it was over’ 

A Palestinian has rammed a truck into a group of Israeli soldiers visiting a popular tourist spot in Jerusalem, killing four and wounding at least 15 people, in a shocking copycat of the Berlin and Nice terror massacres.

Shocking video from the scene shows the driver reversing back over the soldiers, trapping ten under his wheels, during the sickening attack on Sunday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu alleged the attacker ‘supported’ the Islamic State group, though he provided no details on what led to the finding.

Speaking at the scene of the attack, Mr Netanyahu said the attacker has been identified and ‘according to all the signs he was a supporter of the Islamic State.’

He says there ‘definitely could be a connection’ between Sunday’s attack, which killed four Israeli soldiers, and recent attacks in France and Germany.

The terrorist was shot dead by Israeli forces at the location overlooking holy sites in the Old City such as the Dome of the Rock and providing one of the most spectacular views of Jerusalem.

Chaos broke out at the scene when the truck ploughed through the crowd, with hundreds of soldiers having arrived there as part of a tour for troops about the history of Jerusalem.

Feature photo and story via: DailyMail

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