“Love Trumps Hate”…Anti-American “Women’s Marcher” sets White Lady on Fire…

You should know a couple of facts about the so-called “women’s march”…

First, it was not a spontaneous event, rather the sad re-packaging of what was to be a Mrs. Clinton victory celebration.

Second, they were financed by the left’s favorite Nazi, Soros, and organized by an America/ Israel hating muslima

She set a lady on fire, Photo: informationliberation.com

So, what kind of “women” would embarrass their nation, their gender, and themselves by participating in this most vile public display of stupidity? Well, the kind that will SET YOU ON FIRE…NEVER turn your back to a liberal, NEVER allow them to get within striking distance…

A better look at the delicate creature, Photo:informationliberation.com

Behold, the American liberal…

This savagery is common with democrats

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