Thirteen Signs You Might Be a Hypocrite …


The best indicator of hypocrisy is identifying as a liberal…

A hypocrite is defined as a person who “acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.”  Examples of hypocrisy have been plentiful in the news recently.  Just in case you weren’t sure, here are thirteen signs you might be a hypocrite.

(1)   If you carry signs declaring “Love Trumps Hate” or “Love Not Hate Makes America Great,” or you chant “I choose love,” and yet you hurl insults, yell “F*ck you!” and give the finger to people you don’t like or who disagree with you, you might be a hypocrite.

(2)   If you are upset over a crude, secretly recorded private conversation between President Trump and another man that occurred over 10 years ago, and yet you have no problem with Madonna offering blow jobs to people that vote for Hillary, or you give a standing ovation at an awards ceremony to a man who admitted to “unlawful sexual intercourse” with a thirteen-year old girl, you might be a hypocrite.

(3)   If you carry protest signs with slogans such as “My Body is My Business,” but you expect other people to pay for your pap smears, birth control and abortions, you might be a hypocrite.

(4)   If you declare that “Protest is Patriotic,” but for the past eight years you accused anyone who protested former President Obama of racism,  you might be a hypocrite.

(5)   If you feel that President Trump’s slogan of “Make America Great Again” is racist or fascist, and yet you accepted and cheered the exact same phrase when Bill Clinton spoke it, you might be a hypocrite.

(6)   If you complain that President Trump is crass and vulgar, and yet you write slogans like “No P*ssy. No Power,” “Bleed Proud” and “Proud to be a Nasty Woman” on feminine pads,  then make a display of those pads, and later you wear explicit vagina costumes and “pussy hats” while you march, you might be a hypocrite.

(7)   If you believe that ALL women should be heard and respected, but you refuse to hear and respect conservative and pro-life women, you might be a hypocrite.

(8)   If you believe that racism is wrong, and yet you call conservative blacks or even African Americans who are willing to talk to President Trump “Uncle Tom” or “mediocre negroes,” you might be a hypocrite.

(9)   If you kept an absolute “hands off” policy about not writing anything negative about Malia and Sasha Obama, but you feel it’s ok to write negative and snarky things about Barron Trump, you might be a hypocrite.

Liberal hate target: Barron Trump, age 10…

(10)   If you shudder at the thought of bullying and you talk about the importance of anti-bullying programs, and yet you feel it’s just fine and dandy to yell at and throw things at people attending President Trump’s inauguration balls, then you might be a hypocrite.

(11)   If you are upset that President Trump exaggerated the size of the crowd at his inauguration, but it didn’t bother you for Obama to lie that “If you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance” and “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” then you might be a hypocrite.

(12)   If you are upset because President Trump has called people unflattering names, and yet you were okay with Hillary Clinton calling Republicans “deplorables” and comparing them to a terrorist group, or you didn’t mind when Obama called everyone on the right the “enemy,”  then you might be a hypocrite.

(13)   If you’re a member of PETA and/or fight against abuse of animals, and yet you are okay with abortionists tearing off the legs and arms of pre-born babies – or jabbing scissors into their brains to kill them in order to perform an abortion because after all, it’s a woman’s “choice”, you may be a hypocrite.

Via: Victory Girls Blog

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