One Thing Everyone in the Room Missed at President Trump’s Press Conference…

Our President is VERY SMART and he sent a chilling message to Russia that all the corporate media completely missed…

In the midst of smacking the democrat lackeys in the media, Trump said some things that made us all more safe and sent a shiver down Putin’s spine, as the Russian leader is intelligent enough to have caught and understood it.

  1. He played on the image the “media” has tried to attach to him as a “loose cannon.” When the President said that he could take out the spy ship, he wasn’t joking. He has the authority to do so with a simple command, and Russia knows it.
  2. He let Russia know that they don’t want that “loose cannon” to swivel around and point at them.
  3. He bluntly stated that their recent provocations were “not good,” indicating that he was well aware of them, and that the thought of retaliation crossed his mind as easily as what he might desire for his evening meal.
  4. He told everyone that he will not announce what his response will be. It will be a big, fun surprise…


My suggestions…

  1. Spy ships come and go, but we should shadow them with a sub. I would think we have some way to electronically fry their systems, or at least block them, and we should do so.
  2. Russia has broken a nuclear arms treaty…GREAT!!! Announce that the treaty is void and start building nuke tipped missiles and stacking them like cord wood. Get the missile defense shield program going again, and harden all electronic systems, from those in tanks to those in Mustangs, against E.M.P. weapons.
  3. Put the world on notice that our ships demand a security zone of a mile or so, and any hotshot pilot who thinks it would be cool to buzz our navy will be shot down.

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