Violent Racist democrats Attack Americans Supporting our President…again…

There are no Americans on the left, just ignorant, violent thugs…

The day before Sunday evening’s Academy Awards, a sizable group of Trump supporters gathered on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles to protest Hollywood’s liberal agenda.

Many protesters held signs that stated, “Mexicans for Trump,” “California for Trump,” and “Women for Trump.” Matthew Woods organized the rally and said they were gathering to “boycott many actors and film directors who have an anti-America agenda and an anti-Trump agenda.” Some also stood watch at Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to ensure it didn’t get vandalized again.

The protests remained peaceful until two young liberal females wandered up and threw the first punches of the day. Ruptly TV released footage from the protest. An older woman wearing a MAGA hat and holding a “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!” sign appeared to be shielding herself from the young blonde who was growing increasingly agitated. The girl grabbed the sign and broke it in half before launching her physical attack. The girl’s friend joined in and hurled profanities at the Trump supporter. Cops apprehended both the young liberal and the protester just after the Trump supporter defended herself with a solid right hook.

After her friend was put in handcuffs, the other raging millennial continued shouting profanities at the protesters and offered an obscene gesture involving her backside. She tried grabbing a Hispanic Trump supporter’s camera. “You can’t even vote!” he said.

That same Hispanic Trump supporter later appeared on camera in support of building a wall to help protect America from illegal immigrants.


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