Amazon’s “Alexa” Refuses to Answer When Asked if it is Connected to the C.I.A….Google’s Version Simply States “I Can’t Tell, Sorry”…

Creepy tech…

If you own an Amazon device (or have been on the internet in the last year), you’ve probably heard the name “Alexa.” It’s the name you call out when you have a question — provided you own an Amazon Echo. Amazon’s virtual assistant has been integrated into several of the company’s products and is starting to find its way into third-party devices. This voice-activated virtual assistant can perform a variety of simple tasks, like playing music, but it can also be used to control smart-home gadgets, giving it the ability to dim the lights, lock the doors, or adjust the thermostat.

Apple has Siri. Google Home comes alive when you say “OK, Google.” And Amazon has Alexa. But why? According to David Limp, the Amazon executive who oversaw the development of the service, the name “Alexa” was chosen for a few reasons. First, the name “Alexa” harkens back to the Library of Alexandria, which attempted to collect all of the world’s knowledge. Amazon is attempting to do the same thing. Alexa is always learning but, in theory, it should be a seamless source of information.

So, just who does this “virtual assistant” who attempts to collect all the world’s knowledge serve? You?…

What about Google’s version?…


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