Why Would Anyone Ever Trust the “Mainstream Media”?…

Found @: TheConservativeTreehouse

The alphabet networks have been lying to American’s faces since Walter Cronkite was saying “and that’s the way it is”. Rather than report the news, these little lying worms want to tilt, distort, and lie to drive the news and “effect change.” The majority are blinded to the truth by their hyper-partisan hatred of the United States and it’s people, and everything they present is filtered through a template designed to sway opinion and to give the false impression that you are the only American who feels and believes as you do…It’s a LIE…

If you’ve been keeping track you know that so far President Trump is 5-0 against the lying media twits. When he says one thing and the media says the opposite, he is correct. Period.

Found @ IOTWReport



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