Muslim Prince Loves President Trumps Travel Ban and the Idea of a Wall…Idiot Liberal Hawaiian Judge puts the Protection of the U.S. on Hold…

Cool, then let’s send ALL the “refugees” to Hawaii…

I find it both infuriating and amusing that an Hawaiian “judge” did this…and apparently based his opinion not on the law, but on the Presidents possible motives being possibly racist. First, muslim IS NOT A RACE. Second, Hawaii is famous for their racial hatred of white people, anyone visiting from the mainland, and Hawaiians who leave and return.

It doesn’t matter how long you live here, or if you were even born here. If you are white, locals will still call you a “haole”, a derogatory term that is Hawaii’s equivalent of using the “N-word”.

And the prejudice goes beyond name calling. White people are often treated with scorn. “Go back to where you came from”, seems to be the message. “You don’t belong here.” Sometimes it results in violence.

 White children in our schools are harassed, intimidated, and physically abused. The last school day of the year in Hawaii, for example, is traditionally called “kill a haole day”.

What does the Saudi Crown Prince Think of our President and his Actions?

A statement released by the Saudi leader was effusive in its praise for the U.S. president’s “great understanding” of geo-political problems in the Middle East and his concern for better relations with the Saudi people.

Salman also agreed with Trump’s efforts to enforce a temporary travel ban on visitors to the U.S. that includes countries with a Muslim-majority population.

Saudi Arabia does not believe that this measure is targeting Muslim countries or the religion of Islam. This measure is a sovereign decision aimed at preventing terrorists from entering the United States of America. President Trump expressed his deep respect for the Religion of Islam, considering it one of the divine religions that came with great human principles kidnapped by radical groups,” he said.

Salman also acknowledged “the existence of a plot against the United States of America that has been planned in those countries in secret by those groups that took advantage of what they assume a security weakness to conduct operations against the United States of America.” He pledged his full support for any measures “to protect the United States of America from expected terrorist operations.”
They even discussed the wall — or Saudi Arabia’s fence with Iraq, which the deputy crown prince described as a “successful experience … which led to preventing illegal entrance of individuals, as well as preventing smuggling operations.

Living with muslims…HERE


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