Illegal Alien Enriches American Culture…by Murdering his Wife, Daughters, and Niece…

Tolerant American citizens get to mop up the blood, and pay for his upkeep in prison…Thanks dim-o-crats…Thanks “sanctuary cities”…

A week after a quadruple homicide stunned a south Land Park neighborhood, Sacramento police said the suspect initially confessed to the crime to his cousin.

Salvador Vasquez-Oliva, 56, called his cousin last week who then called police and repeated what he’d learned, Capt. Dave Peletta said.

“Our suspect had come to his house earlier in the morning and confessed to something very horrific,” Peletta said. “The complainant then called us and said, ‘It’s very unusual, he’s a relative of mine, but I hadn’t seen him for an extended period time. So, it was very odd that he would come here and throw this out on me.’”

When officers arrived at the home, they picked the lock and discovered, what Peletta described as, a “horrific crime scene.”

Peletta told this information to a group of neighbors gathered for a community meeting Wednesday night, six days after the bodies were first discovered.

Investigators believe the four victims, 45-year-old Angelique Vasquez, her 14-year-old daughter Mia, her 11-year-old son Alvin and her 21-year-old niece Ashley Coleman were killed either the night before or the same morning officers received the tip, Peletta said.

Vasquez-Oliva was Anqelique Vasquez’s husband and the father of the two young victims, family told KCRA.

,Police arrested Vasquez-Oliva the morning of March 23 in San Francisco (Sanctuary City), not long after the four victims were found dead in the home on 35th Avenue.

Vasquez-Oliva was charged with four counts of murder and is being held in the Sacramento County Jail.


More on our happy, fun Illegal Alien friends…HERE


6 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Enriches American Culture…by Murdering his Wife, Daughters, and Niece…

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