Violent Ex-Convict And Admitted Racist Elected To Chattanooga City Council As A Democrat…

A City Council winner in the Tuesday runoff election was involved in violent armed robberies in 2001 and 2002 and more recently declared herself to be “a racist.”

Election officials said Demetrus “Meechie” Coonrod was cleared to run for city office after earlier going to court and getting her voting rights restored and then this year getting her citizenship rights restored by Circuit Court Judge J.B. Bennett.

Sherri Sivley at the election office said, “She was cleared to run with us. Whether there is something in the city charter than prevents felons from serving in office is another matter.”

City spokesperson Marissa Bell, asked if the city charter forbids a person with a felony record to hold public office, sent a link to the whole city charter.

Ms. Coonrod, who ousted incumbent Yusuf Hakeem in District 9, was charged by federal authorities in a string of robberies at restaurants and other businesses.

Prior to that Ms. Coonrod, who just served a term as vice chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party, had a string of state charges, including a child abuse and neglect case that arose out of Juvenile Court. Other charges on her record include assault and disorderly conduct in 1997, and disorderly conduct and two cases of assault as well as theft and improper use of 911 in 1999. She was arrested on a charge of passing worthless checks in 2001.

She was arrested along with Jason Davis, Jonathan Travis, Kevin Wooten, Justin Hill, Ruthie Easter and Elizabeth Agnew in the armed robbery cases. Davis, described as the leader of the armed robber ring, got a 45-year prison sentence. Judge Curtis Collier characterized him as a “wolf among a pack of wolves.”

Ms. Coonrod pleaded guilty to involvement in holdups at Popeye’s and a plasma center as well as conspiracy to commit the armed robberies. She got a sentence of 84 months.

Read more HERE…you won’t believe it…

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