Racist Woman Attacks Man with Hammer, Because He’s White…

She’s been arrested…Found at Brittius

A white couple from Massachusetts stopped at a gas station off of I-95 in Caroline County, Virginia. They were driving home from Florida. The couple was driving a Porsche Cayenne and hauling a boat.

A black female blocked them in with her car. Then she took a claw hammer and began bashing the male victim, the car, and the boat. All while screaming racial slurs and racial abuse.

The perp said she was “sick of fancy white people.” She finally left when her hammer broke.

A witness snapped a photo of the woman’s car. She has been identified as Angela M. Jones, 26, of Newark, New Jersey. Caroline County Sheriff Tony Lippa says the attack is being investigated as a hate crime.


Angela Jones, 26, was picked up at her house in Newark, NJ by the Essex County Sheriff’s department. She has been charged with malicious wounding, assault, and property damage. They are holding her in the Essex County jail pending extradition to Caroline County, VA.

The Caroline County Sheriff’s department is also calling it a hate crime. Sheriff Lippa says hate crime charges could be added later.



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