The Violent Paid Rioters on the Left are Talking About: “Combat Training,” Firearms, and Selling Concealed “Card Knives” to their Commie Idiot Followers…

These anti-American leftist freaks are a problem that needs to be dealt with. In Berkeley, the Police are standing down and watching them attack Americans. During the last assault, the smelly degenerates got their butts kicked but instead of learning their lesson, they seem to be dead set on escalating the violence.

This should come as a warning to anybody who Antifa sees as a threat to their Communist, anarchist, violence-driven message.



Following the recent violent mobilization of Antifa in Berkeley, the domestic terror organization has begun to embrace violence as part of its message.

There is a visible evil to the entity and sadly it is comprised of young Americans who have adopted a violent, Marxist mentality.

They are now selling small, concealed knives and are actively promoting violence in an effort to fight perceived “fascism”.


Antifa is a fashionable movement for college “progressives” who have been brainwashed by their professors and now the brainwashing has made its way to the distribution of knives and the promotion of weaponized violence.

Democrats, with their #Resist slogan, are encouraging this type of behavior and they refuse to condemn Antifa.

The concealed knives for sale have since been removed, but the internet is forever and we have captured screenshots of it.

A petition was started in February to declare Antifa a terrorist organization. They were throwing M-80’s, glass bottles and bricks at Trump supporters in Berkeley and now they are selling concealed knives to be used. They must be dealt with.

This has gone too far.

Via: GatewayPundit

But wait…They are “thinking”…(as if a dim-o-crat EVER thought)…about “combat training” and getting firearms…

Trev_N7 128 points 4 days ago*

Yes, we seemed to have lost today. The alt-right held their ground. If we wanna take action against them, we need to be better organized and better trained. It doesn’t help that it’s only the far left opposing them, any trump supporter can be radicalized far easier than any liberal.

I hope we learn from today


Drep_Reaper 80 points 4 days ago

“Better trained”


monsantobreath 125 points 4 days ago

combat training

I highly recommend not calling it this in any public domain.


Buffalo__Buffaloanarcho-cromulent 83 points 4 days ago

Self defense training

FlamingMaxpost civ 21 points 4 days ago

Not even an anarchist, self-avowed “centrist” liberal with some pretty reprehensible views. Not my comrade.

We also need better equipment, I know the bandanna and hoodie look is our trade mark, but I saw the right wearing motorcycle helmets, and baseball helmets. A dude wearing a helmet is going to keep going if he get punched, our guys are going down.

Also, what is our opinion on a “leader” someone to rally our troops, direct the flow and keep everything organized?

I honestly think we need a campaign to get more antifa armed. It seems that seems to be the biggest problem with our resistance. They’re mostly armed, why aren’t we?


OldWoband Green Syndicalist 40 points 4 days ago

Well, if you look at the pic of the stuff the Berkeley PD confiscated, there were 4 large American flags, and roughly 30 that were black and/or red. Not getting disarmed seems to be part of the problem.


The_Great_Cornlord 23 points 4 days ago

Not getting disarmed is a big part of the problem, yes, but we need more than flags and bats. We need to take notes from the John Brown Gun Club and get firearms and training. I know getting firearms in states and cities we have a presence in is usually a hassle, but even handguns would help. It would certainly put a psychological element in while holding fash back. Who do you think a fascist is more afraid of? People with only flags and bats, or people with flags, bats, and guns?


OldWoband Green Syndicalist 27 points 4 days ago

I own multiple firearms, and am quite good with them. However, note that open carry in California has been illegal since Ronald Reagan signed it into law, and concealed carry is very restricted. If we’re to legally have firearms at events, it won’t be here.

Link to where the scummy libs chat…HERE

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